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Janice is an absolutely wonderful resource for anybody who is looking to improve their wellness, health, nutrition, and overall attitude/mindset with food.  In a world full of fad diets and forbidden foods, Janice offers an approach where no food is off limits.  She is incredibly kind and warm, and I felt immediately comfortable talking to her about my goals and food related problems.  She tailors her sessions and advice specifically to you and your needs.  Together, Janice and I worked on re-establishing my relationship with food into a positive one, rather than one of restriction and guilt.  She gave me invaluable lessons on how to eat intuitively, gave me tons of great recipes to try, and patiently answered all of my questions with actual scientific research behind her answers.  That was one of my favorite things about Janice -- she actually knows what she is talking about!  

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Janice.  I really recommend that anybody who is sick of dieting, calorie counting, fad dieting, etc., set up an appointment with her!


Private Client (5 Star Yelp Review)

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