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You may recall that my husband MB was referred to you late last May because he had Type 2 diabetes, was having trouble controlling his blood sugar (even with medication), and was experiencing some edema. 

You gave us a great deal of useful information, but the most helpful tips were to (1) reduce sodium, (2) begin eating before you feel hungry, (3) stop eating before you feel too full, and (4) increase your exercise.

Since our meeting with you, MB has retired (after 48 years in the aerospace and defense industry), has reduced his salt intake substantially, has begun a program of regular exercise, and has lost almost 25  pounds (down from 227 pounds on May 6, 2010, to 204 pounds on January 19, 2011).

As you might imagine, his edema has disappeared, and all of his numbers (i.e., those associated with glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, and kidney function) have improved.

Many thanks to you for your sound advice and for the difference it has made in our lives.



*unsolicited email from client's wife

Private Practice Client

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