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Hi Professor Dada, 

Thank you for everything you taught us during this course. I learned a lot during your class that I will definitely apply to my daily lifestyle. I've always been interested in nutrition and health, but your class made me more fascinated about the subject. It has made me think about possibly changing my major from business to something related to this field of study. I'm glad that I took this class and enjoyed it very much! Hope you have a great rest of your summer as well!

Thank you,

A.L. (UCI Biology 9A student, summer 2017)

UCI Student

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SoCal Nutrition & Wellness strives to:

  • help people lead healthier lifestyles through nutritional counseling and education
  • promote nutritious and balanced diets, physically active lifestyles, and whole body wellness
  • create healthier communities, workplaces, families, and individuals