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Janice - Thank you for your excellent presentations and for all of your valuable knowledge.  I thought I knew everything about food and nutrition, but you taught me so much more.

I know it's only been two days since our last day, but I am still eating well and I worked out last night at 10:00! This is just the beginning for me.  I have been struggling to get myself back in shape and live a healthy lifestyle and I just wasn't doing it on my own.  This program (and you) not only helped me lose 20 pounds, but gave me the tools and knowledge I need to be motivated and keep on going.  I haven't lost this much weight in years.

Thank you so, so much for the last 10 weeks of fun!!  I truly enjoyed myself.


*unsolicited email from participant

UC Irvine Commit to Get Fit Participant

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  • Bookshelf, Today's Dietitian, May 2013. Review of “Diabulimia: What it is and how to treat it: a guide for individuals and families; a tool for health personnel” by Grace Huifeng Shih, MS, RD.

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  • Bookshelf, Today's Dietitian, May 2011. Review of “The Low GI Guide to Living Well with PCOS,” by Jennie Brand-Miller, PhD, with Nadir R. Farid, MBBS, FRCPICI, FACP, and Kate Marsh, RD, CDE.

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1) Feature article: Marathon Fueling — Runners Need Proper Nutrition and Hydration for the 26.2-Mile Stretch

2) Bookshelf: Review of Real Life Guide to Diabetes by Hope Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE, BC-ADM & Joy Pape, RN, BSN, CDE, WOCN, CFCN

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