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Janice's balanced approach to wellness and nutrition stands out among the fad diets and super-strict yet unsustainable restrictive food plans that permeate the health industry. Janice most likely won't tell you to try Paleo, or eliminate all sugar, or stop eating fat, or adhere to a strict vegan program, or count calories religiously etc. However, she will help you cultivate a healthy, holistic, and realistic relationship with food that will result in your ability to achieve - and sustain - your long-term goals. 

Her rigorous academic background and focus on the SCIENCE behind diet and nutrition (she has degrees in nutrition and public health from top institutions) translates into tangible fitness results. At times, she might tell you to eat MORE than you were previously eating, with the understanding that an extra cup of quinoa in your lunchtime salad translates to satiety that results in fewer candy bars, treats, and late-night snacking (which results in better nutrition including weight loss if that is your goal). At first this might seem counter-intuitive, but the results will ultimately speak for themselves. She emphasizes whole foods, healthy choices, and accepting long-term health and fitness goals probably include a few chocolate chip cookies and slices of birthday cake. 

Moreover, Janice really meets the client where they are at. Meaning she won't ask you to eliminate everything all at once, but will rather gently entourage you to make healthier choices. As an athlete and fitness professional myself, this is really important to me. Once I tried Paleo and my "detox" from sugar resulted in my inability to even finish a spin class, much less preform to my maximum athletic potential. Janice's guidelines and suggestions not only result in long-term weigh management and increased muscle tone, but provided me with enough energy to kick booty in my athletic pursuits. 

If you are tired of fad diets that result in deprivation and yo-yo weight-gain and loss, I would recommend working with Janice. You will be guaranteed results that are based in actual science that are sustainable throughout your life. Plus she encourages regular treats! Who doesn't like that!?


Private Client (5 Star Yelp Review)

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