What is your nutrition philosophy?

I specialize in helping individuals and families optimize their health, well-being, and eating behaviors. I offer private nutrition counseling and group workshops using a non-diet, Health At Every Size (HAES) perspective. This means I won’t focus on your body size or prescribe eating rules to follow. Instead, I will serve as a guide on your journey to better health and wellness.  This journey looks different for everyone; there is no “one size fits all.”

If you have a symptom or a medical diagnosis, I also incorporate evidence-based principles from the field of integrative and functional nutrition. My training in this area of nutrition has given me the skill and ability to order and interpret advanced laboratory testing and to help people choose supportive foods, herbs and dietary supplements for issues like Diabetes, heart health, and digestive ailments such as IBS, IBD, GERD, SIBO – to name a few.


Do you take insurance?

I am a provider for Medicare (see next bullet). For all other insurance, I am considered “out of network.” However, I am happy to provide you with a coded medical receipt (superbill) that you can submit for reimbursement. If you’d like, you can call your insurance company to find out how much they will reimburse or if you have coverage for nutrition services. Sometimes they will provide coverage if there is no other dietitian in network in your area. When you call your insurance company, let them know that you would like to receive reimbursement for Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) provided by a Registered Dietitian for your medical conditions.
The CPT codes are:

  • 97802: initial visit

  • 97803: follow-up visit

The ICD-10 code depends on any medical conditions or diagnoses, but at minimum will be:

Z71.3 Dietary Counseling and Surveillance

Additionally, if you have a flexible spending account or a health savings account, most plans will allow you to use your allocated tax-free funds toward nutrition services. 

If you decide you’d like to come in, you’d simply pay out of pocket before submitting your claim to your insurance company. Think of this as an investment in your well being - you certainly deserve the investment!

The first step would be to set up an 90 minute initial nutrition consultation, which you can do directly here.

Do you take Medicare?

I am a Medicare provider. Medicare Part B will cover Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for beneficiaries diagnosed with Diabetes or Chronic Kidney Disease (not on dialysis) only. Medicare will allow three hours of MNT during the first year of diagnosis and two hours each subsequent year. Please verify your benefits with Medicare. 

If you have Medicare, but do not have one of the two listed diagnoses, I do offer a courtesy 10% fee reduction off my typical rates.  If you would like to schedule an initial visit, you may do so here. Please choose the “Medicare option” and bring your card to the scheduled visit.

Will you help me lose weight? 

If I were to tell you that the majority of people who attempt weight loss will end up heavier in the end, would you still maintain this goal? 

It's true. For most people, dieting actually promotes weight gain according to numerous research studies. Dieting has many clever codenames now, so you might be familiar with dieting as any “plan” or “lifestyle change” that restricts a food group, involves counting, prescribes rules to follow, or provides any sort of external control on your eating with the aim of creating weight loss.

So, instead of helping you focus on making your body smaller, I will help you to find your "genetic weight." This is the weight that you can maintain easily while eating intuitively and being active (in whatever way works best and feels best for you), not dieting or exercising like mad. 

If you've been dieting or restricting for any period of time, this process can take some time and requires the aid of a professional. It'd be my pleasure to work with you on your non-diet journey.