Bodies Need Fat

Since February is American Heart Month, let’s debunk some common myths about nutrition and health health…starting with fat. . ❤️

When I was studying nutrition in college and training to be a Dietitian, everything was about reducing fat intake: low fat or non fat dairy, margarine instead of butter, sub applesauce in recipes so there’s less fat, potato chips made with a fat replacer that caused diarrhea!, and on and on. Turns out there was little merit for all of this fat reducing. 🥥

Not only does fat make food taste delicious, but it is an essential nutrient, helps us absorb fat soluble vitamins, and slows digestion to aid in satiety and blood sugar regulation. What’s not to love?

Other important points about fat:

✔️Heart disease is not CAUSED by eating too much fat
✔️People with high cholesterol do not need to eat low fat foods or cut out all of their favorites
✔️Eating foods with dietary cholesterol (such as eggs 🍳and shrimp) does not contribute to high blood cholesterol .

What have you heard about fat intake that needs some clarification?🥑