Intuitive Eating with High Cholesterol

“But what if I have high cholesterol? Can I still eat intuitively?” Absolutely!

A diet that restricts foods even when weight loss is not the intention can still create a feeling of deprivation. This can result in the same yo-yo effect seem in traditional diets, which research finds harmful. Taking a non-diet approach can help prevent this scarcity mentality by focusing on foods to ADD instead of taking foods away. Bonus: research supports the addition of certain foods, such as soluble or viscous fibers, as an effective way to lower cholesterol. Other foods shown to help: soy protein, almonds, chia or flaxseeds, specific fruits and veggies like oranges and Brussels sprouts, and plant stanols/sterols (from plant foods or supplements). Intuitive eaters can select supportive foods to add that they enjoy and still support heart health.