No, I won't put your kid on a diet.

No, I won’t put your kid on a diet. I also won’t tell him that he has to eat fruits and vegetables either.

Parents, I understand your concerns and I know they are well-meaning. You want your kids to be healthy and you want life to be easy for them. Being in a larger body might not be as easy in our appearance obsessed culture. I get it. But here’s the thing: If your kid is a high body weight or size in comparison to his peers, actively trying to manipulate his size or food intake will only create harm. While it may feel like making your house sugar-free and going on a family diet will help instill healthy practices, it will not. In fact, most eating disorders start from a diet or food restriction. Restricting the amount of food or type of food can create greater desire for that food, resulting in disordered eating behaviors and shame. Similarly, pushing “healthy” foods can also result in food rebellion.

In addition, paradoxically, research finds that the more dieting one does, the higher his weight becomes. So while the goal of the diet might be weight loss, the result will be weight gain. Studies show that almost all people who diet will regain the weight lost + more.

So what, if not dieting?
✔️Family meals focused on togetherness, not the amount or type of food eaten .
✔️Have all types of food available to prevent a deprivation mindset - that means fruits and veggies AND cookies and chips.
✔️Teach kids about body diversity.
✔️Model balance, variety and moderation - eat ice cream AND salads with your child .
✔️Do your own work. If you are uncomfortable in your own body or have preoccupations around food, work with a professional.