Performative Eating

Do you engage in “Performative Eating?”⠀⠀
If so, you’re not alone. ⠀⠀
Here are some questions you can ask yourself to find out if you are engaging in this common behavior:⠀⠀
🍊At a restaurant: Am I ordering what I really want from the menu? ⠀⠀

🍊Am I comparing my eating to someone else’s?⠀

🍊Do I try to uphold a certain type of nutritional persona with my food choices? ⠀⠀

🍊Am I eating beforehand with the intention of not eating at the event?⠀

🍊Do I refrain from second helpings due to perceived social judgments about my amount of food consumption? ⠀⠀

🍊When I get home, am I still hungry? ⠀⠀
In the early days of my nutrition education and career, I felt this type of performative nutrition pressure. When eating with friends or family, they looked to me, “the nutrition expert” to choose the “healthiest” foods. But, I didn’t always want to eat these perceived “healthy” foods. Eating in a performative way is not intuitive. Sure, sometimes I truly want to order a salad, but sometimes I want a burger and fries. Luckily, I’ve evolved and can now catch this pressure and guide myself back toward my body’s needs. ⠀⠀
In what ways have you experienced or witnessed performative eating? ⠀⠀